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Karva Chauth History About Moon/ Fast In Hindi Punjabi

Karva Chauth History
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Karva Chauth History About Moon/ Fast In Hindi Punjabi English : Now Get To Know About karva chauth history about moon, karva chauth history and rituals in hindi, history of karva chauth in hindi punjabi india, karva chauth history about fast. We all know the reason and importance of celebrating Karva Chauth, but most of the people not know the history about it. It is also necessary to know about the history of Karva Chauth too. This traditional festival is celebrated on the fourth day of Karthik monkath as according to Hindu calendar. On this day all the friends and relatives collect together and celebrated it. This festival is comes before nine days of Diwali.

Karva Chauth History

Karva Chauth History

►From this festival the lady make special bonding with her husband and in-laws. The meaning of Karva is the earthen oil lamp and Chauth means four. We all know the story or katha of Karva Chauth. There are many other facts about the history of this festival. Some says that ladies make fasting for their husband when they live separated or in long distance. One other story is that this festival is celebrated due to the cropping of wheat and Rabi season.

►Each mouth has its own story or history but the fact is only one that it makes the bonding, realtion and love of the married couples and their relation much and more strong. This festival have its own importance and necessary for all the Hindu married ladies to make fasting without drinking even a single drop of water whole day. They broke their fast in the night after seeing the moon and face of his husband. Mostly husband gives some special gifts to their wife on that day and tried whole day to make their partner happy.

History of Karva Chauth in Hindi Punjabi India

It is necessary to celebrate this festival with all the tradition, because sometimes a little mistake can cause a big harm as according to the story of Karva Chauth. So it is important to be careful about it.

►Whatever the history says but the today’s fact is that this festival is celebrated by all the Hindu families and makes fasting by all the ladies for the long age of their husband. As the time goes on some of the husband also make fasting for their better half’s because the mentality of new generation is changed, they also wants to make fasting for the long life of his wife. Really that tradition is amazing and wonderful.

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